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How does it feel to be a Centaur?

Maybe you have been here before:

Do you sometimes ask yourself when training with your horse will feel flowy? When can you stop following recipes? How can you make sure to make the right decisions in your training to see a progress?


Understanding and being able to coordinate our own movements is THE essential skill

for us as horse riders. No matter if we work in the saddle or from the ground.

We all know how important the environment is for horse training.

When we interact with our horse we are a big part of that environment and our body, our movement is the language in which we communicate with them.


Only if you know WHAT you are doing, you are able to CHANGE what you are doing!

In the Centaur Connection, we want to assist you in becoming an independent trainer.

You will be working on:

- developing feel - so you can trust your own training skills

- improving your body awareness - to connect better with your horse

- owning your movement - be able to change and adapt deliberately and with ease

- being a predictable training partner for your horse with balanced and organizes movement

Join the waitlist for when we open the group again!

Thank you! We are looking forward to meet you soon!

Waitlist Centaur Connection

In the live class we dissect functional movements needed for the positive reinforcement horse trainer.

Angelica will give a short introduction lecture each session and Caroline will contribute a Feldenkrais lesson.

Afterward, we discuss our experience from the lesson and connect it to our daily life and horse training.

Live Sessions

every 1st Tuesday of the month 7-8.30 pm CET

Recordings & Facebook Group

All live sessions are recorded as audio and video, so you can rewatch them as often as you´d like. 

We also have a facebook group for exchange. This is the place where we share observations in between sessions, the occasional mini-lesson or share our training process.


Classic riding skills:

  • rider´s seat

  • ground work positions

  • the aids: reins, legs

  • connection, throughness, alignement and coordination

  • ... and many more!

Specific to R+ training:

  • working with targets and body awareness connected to this

  • feeding techniques and what data they can give you about your own movements and your horses movements

  • environmental arrangements that help both you and your horse

  • ... and much more!

You will gain deep knowledge about horses and riders bio-mechanics through your subjective experiencing.

Who we are

We have been working together since 2021 and are proud to be able to facilitate the Centaur Connection as the core of our collaboration. 

Our aim is to develop your body awareness, observation skills and coordination - in short to become an independent trainer with a working tool box. 


Angelica Hesselius

R+ dressage trainer

Angelica is an internationally renowned reward based horse trainer with a background as an instructor in classical dressage with a great passion for Academic Art of Riding. She specializes in positive reinforcement training for balanced movement in groundwork and riding. Developing proprioception, movement and communication through systematic reward-based strategies. She trains horses, teaches students and coaches colleagues all over the world.

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Caroline Ritter

Feldenkrais teacher

Caroline has been around horses all her life. She switched from "traditional" horse training to reward-based 7 years ago. 

During that time she came across the Feldenkrais method and found it to be the perfect match for her work with horses.

Feldenkrais is about learning, it is about movement and it is about connection and dialogue. 

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