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Get comfortable

with the Unknown

We often want to go beyond our comfort zone and expand our possibilities. In the common narrative, expanding boundaries primarily requires motivation and willpower. "No pain, no gain" - the saying goes that peak physical performance is primarily a question of will, effort and ignoring our body's signals.


Effort and intensity are necessary elements of every training plan, regardless of the area, but only paired with body awareness and empathy for yourself can you achieve excellence in your actions.

Flexible and beyond - 
Expand your

Do what you do better - with ease and elegance

Most of our life is doing things that are actually pretty simple. Most people rarely engage in an activity in life that challenges their maximum physical performance.  Sitting at a computer, walking, running, bending over to tie your shoes, turning around in the car to look behind you, gardening, carrying groceries, or sitting on an airplane are not intense physical exertions. 

Nevertheless, these activities can easily cause discomfort, tension, fatigue or even pain.  Even something as basic and simple as breathing or lying down to sleep can be perceived as laborious, uncomfortable, awkward, or stressful.

Therefore, it makes sense to spend some time developing and learning your individual easiest path.  

With a little practice, you can make these "simple" movements "elegant" - smooth, efficient and even wonderfully pleasant to perform. 

Familiarize yourself with the unknown

In order to process our everyday stress, we need a lot of reserves. Strategies to increase stress resistance are also important. On the one hand, this goes through borderline experiences such as ice bathing or bungee jumping. In this way, you gradually neutralize your individual experience of stress. 

But there is another, less extreme way to bring your inner restlessness into balance: by continually dealing with your habits, you get to know your full potential. You don't have to get out of your comfort zone, but you can invite more possibilities into your comfort zone and thus enlarge it.


With attention to the subtle sensory differences that tell you whether a movement is efficient or inefficient for you, you will feel empowered to self-correct your limitations and bad habits. 

If you practice breathing freely - even as you explore unfamiliar new behavior patterns - you can become better at remaining calm in unfamiliar situations.

What others have to say about their experience working with Caroline:
"After a long car ride, I developed very severe pain in my lower back that spread to both legs. I survived the next day and a half with just painkillers, which I really don't like taking. Then I was very lucky to get a one-on-one appointment with Caroline Ritter. Of course, I still felt the pain during the treatment, but it slowly subsided until it disappeared completely. I realize I need to continue the treatment and exercises to stay pain free, but I am forever grateful to Caroline!"

Jutta, Photographer and Landscape Designer

from Austria

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