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Exclusive Embodied Wisdom

How you move shapes your thinking -

how you think determines your actions

Change doesn't happen overnight.

Change takes time and attention.

This 6-part course is intended to lay the foundation for you. - you the time

and give the space to develop new habits. ​Together we explore your behavior patterns from different perspectives and enable you to feel more light, calm and flexible.


Through guided movement experiments that I put together individually for you, you will learn new possibilities in your movement and in your thinking. 


Let's go on a journey of discovery together! 

This offer is for you if you

...have pain when you try to move
... you get pain or get tired quickly during everyday activities such as working at a computer
... you want to question your exercise habits and find the best way for you to excel at your sport
... you want to expand your scope of experience to bring joy, lightness, curiosity, self-care and creativity into your life

After your booking, I will contact you by email or phone to discuss your needs. I will then create a series of 6 individually designed Awareness Through Movement lessons tailored to you. You can freely choose the 6 dates depending on availability. A session lasts approximately one hour and is conducted online via video conference. 

Info & Booking

The course includes:

  • Initial consultation 

  • 6 online sessions Awareness Through Movement specifically tailored to your needs

  • Joint reflection on your experiences during the lesson and integration into your everyday life

  • Tips and practical methods for changing your habits

Package price: 435€

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