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Online Study Group

Come join us in an open learning space where we explore movement together!

Feldenkrais is movement exploration. Let´s discover new ways together. 

We meet bi-weekly on Tuesdays for 1.5 hours to play, move and share.

Who is it for?

The study group is especially for you, if...

  • you want to move with more ease

  • you want to broaden your movement repertoire and find variability

  • you want to prevent injuries, pain or tension

  • you are tired of coaches telling you that there is only one correct way to do a move


You do not need any prerequisites to join. The lessons are set out to adjust to everyone´s indivdual needs and curiosities. 


The heart of each meet-up will consist of an Awareness Through Movement lesson. 

I will guide you verbally through directed movement with intention - centering around a movement function or theme we use in our daily life.

By using physical constraints we discover new paths of movement and get creative.

The lessons will help you integrate your movement throughout your whole body for a more general ease and joy of movement. 

What will the meet-ups look like?

The monthly subscription of 40€ allows you to join all study group session and will give you access to all the previously recorded lessons and additional materials.




To start your subscription please select the first date you want to join and then select the payment plan.

For the lessons you will need:

- internet access

- a space for you to lie down on a yoga mat/carpet/blanket

- working camera on your computer or phone, so I can see you during the lessons and guide you through the movements

The lessons will be held over zoom.

If you cannot attend at the time of the lesson, you can always rewatch/relisten to the recording! 

This is me: Caroline

I love to get creative in facilitating learning for others. The focus of my teaching is the individual person.

I consider feeling. moving, sensing and thinking as our modes to gain understanding of our world - 4 parts that constitute each other and make the puzzle complete. 

I found the Feldenkrais method to be a good framework for what I am doing. A gentle and humane approach to recognizing the person in its integrity, with all their experiental history. Encouraging their agency in choosing their actions from their own embodied sovereignity.

My background in cognitive science nourishes and informs my practice. I work with humans of all ages and with animals, mainly horses and dogs. 

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