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In this lesson you will look for your central, vertical axis - your midline.

You will find your way of aligning your pelvis with your shoulders and chest. After the lesson you will probably notice a change in your uprightness. It also relates to how you are turning and walking and you might see your attention drawn to those aspects. 

The main position in this lesson is lying on the back with your legs bent and feet standing. 


Curiosities in this lesson: 

  • Where do you sense your midline? 
  • How are your left side and your right side different from each other?
  • How can you connect every part of yourself - from your feet up all the way to the top of your head?
  • What is *your* easy way?


What you´ll need for the lesson: 

  • a comfortable place to lie down on the floor on a carpet, mat, or folded blanket
  • a small bath towel (folded) might give you additional comfort for your head if needed

  • If your mat feels too hard for comfortably lying on your back for a longer amount of time, add a blanket or another mat. A harder surface might give you more feedback, but comfort goes first. 



How should I do the lesson?

  • Take breaks as needed. You can always pause or repeat the lesson. 
  • The movements are suggestions and not prescriptions. This is about your individual way - find out what feels good, what is interesting and what you are curious about. 



  • Cardinal directions are relative to YOU: when you’re lying on your side, up is toward the top of your mat, down is toward the bottom. Forward is directly toward the wall in front of you and backward is toward the wall behind you.
  • See the images as a clarification of the the "self hug" configuration: the lower arm is reaching across your chest with your hand tucked between your other arm and your ribs/chest on your side. The top arm just goes on top of the other arm, holding the shoulder from the outside if you can - or, if not, just hold onto your upper arm, close to your shoulder.
  • Whenever you’re resting on your back, if you want your knees bent and your feet standing, let your feet and knees be comfortably apart, about the width of your hips.

Finding Your Midline - Audio Lesson

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