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So., 28. Jan.


Online Series

Mindful Movements & Feldenkrais

An online course for horse people together with Angelica Hesselius

Mindful Movements & Feldenkrais
Mindful Movements & Feldenkrais

Zeit & Ort

28. Jan. 2024, 18:00 – 19:30

Online Series

Über die Veranstaltung


Being a horse trainer is having a continuous conversation with our bodies.

Best case scenario is we take turns in talking and listening but our often stressful daily lives can get in the way.

This course focus both on on how having better body awareness can help us become better listeners. Also to our selfs.

We will explore how we can marry our structure around daily routines, from caring for our horses to the actual training, to  the principles of the Feldenkrais Method.

"Easily, simply, comfortably. It is the exact opposite of what they say on the television: higher, faster, stronger. Here we say: slower, more comfortably, more pleasantly". - Moshe Feldenkrais

Who should participate?​​​​

Anyone interested to learn.You don't have to know or be able to physically do anything join.

The examples will be from the horse world but the structures and especially the lessons are applicable to many scenarious in life.

Our aim is for you to show up more balanced with higher observation skills​ Expand your movement repertoire and enhance self-awareness, flexibility, range and lightness. Apply a higher body awareness for movement to your daily horse routines, not only to mounted riding. Body awareness as a path to deeper connection with your horse and your mutual practice.


What do you need for our meetings?​​

  • a Zoom account
  • comfy clothes, somewhere nice to lie down and maybe a blanket
  • a Facebook user account (here is where we upload material if you want to re-listen)

Zoom Meeting Set Up

7   January 18 -  19:30-approx

14 January 18 - 19:30-approx

21 January 18 - 19:30-approx

28 January 18 - 19:30-approx

(All times are in CET, Central European Time, Stockholm. Everything is recorded and available afterwards.)

Starting with Angelica talking everything under the umbrella of observation skills with our bodies. 

Rein contact, riding, to how we walk and handle our horse's to deliver food.

These will be short and bite sized.

After that Caroline will guide us in the Feldenkrais lesson for the week (see what you need for that above).

Ending with a wrap up where those who wants to share thoughts and/or experiences together with us.


Who are we?

Caroline Ritter


Caroline discovered the Feldenkrais method as a way to apply what she already knew from positive animal training - gentleness, pause, freedom of choice,... rewards! - to her self and to the relationship with her body. For her the two methods go very well together and she is enthusiastic to share how we can be the best trainers for our own selves - mind and body.

Caroline is a positive reinforcement trainer at Disco Cavallo for many years, training mostly dogs and horses. She is also a cognitive scientists and loves to learn and share about the topic of learning from every discipline out there.


Angelica Hesselius


Angelica has a huge focus on the position of the human in her teaching. Starting from the ground in our daily care to doing more gymnastics, our position matters.

We are a huge part of creating balance. Body awareness in many way, shapes and forms has always been an important part in Angelicas life. Both in her teaching and her own training.

We're often so focused on helping our horse to find better emotional and physical balance and forgetting how we show up for our sessions.  "Connection starts with us" is a sentence that has guided Angelica all her life. And by focusing on developing our own movement awareness we can show up as better trainers for our lovely horses.

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