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So., 17. Dez.



Explore your Roots - from feet to head

Online session *pay as you wish*

Explore your Roots - from feet to head
Explore your Roots - from feet to head

Zeit & Ort

17. Dez. 2023, 18:00 – 19:00


Über die Veranstaltung

In this lesson we will connect to the ground and explore our very own relationship with gravity.

We will pay special attention to our feet and their ability to give us balance and stability.

How you use your feet is influential on your whole self. Ankle, knee, hip and back health start with your feet.

Tiny shifts in how you use (or not use) your feet can have major consequences to your whole organization.

Get to understand your feet a little better in this lesson and improve your standing, sitting and walking!

Lesson starts at 6 pm Vienna time and is held in English.

The zoom link will be sent shortly before the event.

Please prepare a space to lie down comfortably on a mat or blanket. You might want to also prepare some support for your head (a small pillow or towel)

You can wear anything you like unless it does not constrict your movement.

Please also make sure your webcam is pointed to the space you will lie down, so I can guide you through the lesson and make adjustments for you if needed.

See you there, 



  • Explore your Roots

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