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Online Offers

If you would like to be informed about new offers, promos and the occasional free lesson, it´s best to sign up for my newsletter!

Feldenkrais online - every second Tuesday


My study group meets bi-weekly on Tuesdays (6.30 pm Vienna)

Subscribe for a monthly rate of 40€ and get access to the live meetings and all previously recorded lessons. 

Introduction to Movement Exploration
- On Demand Lessons


On demand lessons are a great way to dip your toe into movement exploration. Select one from my library and get started!

Feldenkrais for Horse Trainers - Study Group

Centaur Connection.png

Together with reward based dressage trainer Angelica Hesselius

I am offering Feldenkrais and Movement Exploration especially for horse trainers. Sign up for the waitlist now!

Work with me 1:1


If you have a specific topic you want to work on 1:1 lessons might be the best choice for you. No matter if you are looking into getting better at your sport or job, recovering from an injury or trying to move with more ease - let´s talk!

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